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The First Sunlight Readable Netbook: Clover SunBook


Have you ever tried using your laptop outdoors in the sunlight?  If you’ve ever tried this, then you know that it doesn’t work!  Why? Because the screen appears completely black in bright daylight.

LCD displays are inefficient, so a display bright enough for outdoors would quickly drain the batteries.   This problem has now been solved with a new type of display
that provides a clear, highly readable display in any lighting conditions.


We are no longer making SunBook due to lack of 10" Pixel Qi screens.  Pixel Qi screens are only available in 7" size now.  There just wasn't enough demand for a Netbook.

If you have any comments, we'd be happy to hear them.



The Clover SunBook is a state-of-the-art netbook that uses a Pixel Qi LED backlit transflective LCD display.  This allows you to use the SunBook anywhere from pitch dark to direct sunlight, greatly increases the battery life, and reduces eyestrain.  How it works...




Use your SunBook anywhere; at work, in the office, at home, on your boat, or virtually anywhere. None of the limitations of an E-book reader or tablet PC.

Turning off the display backlight cuts the power consumption substantially, providing battery life up to 12 hrs. or more.

Windows 7 OS runs all your Windows software.

Turning off the backlight greatly reduces eyestrain & headaches.

Full size keyboard and Windows OS for serious work.

Ideal for anyone who wants or needs to work outdoors.

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Viewable in all lighting conditions, from direct sunlight to total darkness

Nearly full sized keyboard

8 - 12 hour battery life

Anti-reflective matte screen and bezel

Backlight can be turned off

Windows 7 Home Premium 

Dual-core Intel N2600 CPU

Multi-touch Touchpad

Built-in Wi-Fi, WebCam, Media Reader, Speakers & Mic  

Optional 3G Wireless

One year warranty

Indoor Lighting - SunBook on Left

No loss of brightness





Field Research


Field Sales & Service



All Outdoor Working Environments

Comparison in Direct Sunlight

Direct Sunlight - SunBook on Left

Stock netbook on right at maximum brightness


How it works...

In ordinary LCD displays, light is provided by a lamp behind the screen.  Half of the PC’s power is consumed by the backlight.  A reflective display, as typified by the Kindle and other E-book readers, has no backlight.  The display is illuminated by ambient light so it uses very little power and is viewable in sunlight, but it cannot be viewed in the dark.

The Clover SunBook uses a combination of both of these modes, so it is usable in every lighting condition.  Both modes are active at the same time, so you can go seamlessly from sunlight to darkness with no loss of readability.  Furthermore, there is no loss of brightness in dim lighting or darkness.

In daylight, the backlight can be turned off completely, cutting the power consumption, extending battery life, and reducing eyestrain.  Reflective mode provides 1024 x 600 resolution in black & white.


Processor                     Dual core Intel Atom N2600 (Cedar Trail) 1.6 GHz

Operating System           Windows 7 Home Premium

Memory                        2GB DDR3

Hard Drive                     320GB (Optional SSD available)

Display Size                   10.1"

Resolution                     1024x600xRGB WSVGA 16:9

Brightness                     165 nits typ (dark room)

                                    235 nits (room lighting)

                                    >1000 nits  (outside, sunlight)

Backlight                       White LEDs

Media Card Reader          SDHC, SD, MMC

USB Ports                      3 USB 2.0

LAN                              Ethernet and Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n

Weight                          3.0 lbs.

Webcam                        0.3 MP  

Battery                          6-cell Li-Ion 55 Wh


Norton Internet Security 2012 (60-day trial)
Adobe Flash Player; Adobe Reader; Adobe Shockwave Player; Beats Audio; Blio eReader; CyberLink YouCam DE; eBay; Evernote; HP Application Assistant; HP Games by WildTangent; HP Launch Box; HP MyRoom; HP Power Manager; HP Recovery Manager; HP Security Assistant; HP Support Assistant; Microsoft Silverlight; RaRa Music; Snapfish Picture Mover; Windows Live Essentials 2011
Microsoft® Office Starter: reduced-functionality Word and Excel® only, with advertising. No PowerPoint® or Outlook®. Buy Office 2010 to use the full-featured software.

Specifications are subject to change without notice.



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