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ISRCView is a software program that displays ISRC codes on CDs and unencrypted DVDs, as well as table of contents and other disc information.

  Displays the Table of Contents of any CD, including Enhanced and Mixed Mode CDs, and will show the ISRC codes for audio tracks.  

  Shows the session number, track number, start time (in MSF or sectors), length of the track, the type of the track (data or audio), the copy protection flag, pre-emphasis flag, and ISRC code if present.  This program provides a simple way to check that ISRC codes have been correctly recorded.

  Results can be printed or copied to another application.

  Runs on Windows PCs under Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000.  The only other requirement is at least one disc drive that can read CDs.


ISRCView is a free download; it will test your drives to see if they are capable of reading ISRC codes.  To continue using ISRCView, you must register the program, which costs $9.95, payable by credit card or PayPal.


  Click the button below to download the installation file.  Unzip the file and run Setup.exe.  After installation, you can run the program by double-clicking the shortcut installed on your desktop.  When you first run the program, you must activate the software.  The activation window will be displayed:

After successful activation, you will be able to test your drives to see if they are capable of reading ISRC codes.  

  To test your drives for compatibility, select the drive you want to test from the list box in the toolbar.  Then select Test in the main menu, or insert an audio disc in the drive.

  In order to use the program, you must buy a software license code and register the program.  Select Register in the main menu.  This will launch a window that will allow you to buy a license code and register your software:

  If you do not have an active internet connection, an alternate window will be displayed, and you can activate by e-mail.

  Most, but not all drives are capable of reading ISRC codes.  The ISRCView program includes a Test function (TEST in the main menu) that will determine if your drive is capable of reading ISRC codes.

Important Note:  There are some drives that read ISRC incorrectly.  Here are some of the drives that are known to read ISRC incorrectly:  

TSSTCorp (Samsung) SH-S183A (wrong ISRC)
TSSTCorp (Samsung) SH-S183A (wrong ISRC)
TSSTCorp (Samsung) SH-S202H, SH-202N (wrong ISRC)
TSST corp (Samsung) SH-S203B,  SH-S203D (wrong ISRC)
TSSTCorp (Samsung) TS-H553 (wrong ISRC)
Plextor PX-850A (wrong ISRC)

It appears that most or all Toshiba/Samsung (TSSTCorp) drives have the same firmware bug that mis-reads ISRC.

Typically, these drives garble the first 5 characters, and the last 7 are OK.  It looks like they all use the same bad firmware!  If your drive fails to read ISRC correctly, use a different drive, or check to see if there is a firmware update available. During the TEST mode, ISRCView will test the results (assuming your disc includes I
SRC) to detect incorrect reading.  However, this is not foolproof, as it can only detect ISRC codes that are not formatted correctly.  It has no way of knowing what the correct data is.

Free e-mail support is included.  The program has been scanned for virus's and is  guaranteed to be safe.

Free Download: ISRCView.zip - 3,241,619 bytes


In Internet Explorer, right-click the button 
and select "save target as..."

Note: If your browser does not support FTP transfers, you can download the file here via http.  Http file transfers are not as reliable and can be corrupted.



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