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The new QuickScan feature allows you to test a full DVD in as little as 38 seconds, or an 80 min. CD in 48 seconds with no significant loss of information!

This enables you to screen up to 95 discs per hour on the production line.

View some test results with and without QuickScan here.


Analog Measurements
You can now make analog (pit geometry) measurements automatically with the new AMM-1 Analog Measurement Module!

Fully integrated into the DVX software, it makes measurements that can ensure reliability and  interchangeability, plus qualify media and writers.


Looking for high throughput testing of DVD’s and CD's, plus a way to qualify your masters? The new Clover Systems DVX™ is absolutely the highest performance and lowest cost test system on the market. It consists of a specially modified DVD±R/RW writer and software that can perform data verification, format verification, and measure error rates at speeds up to 16X (DVD) or 48X (CD). A built-in grading system and pass/fail indicator allow simple operation by novice operators. Analog measurements can be made using the optional Analog Measurement Module, or an oscilloscope. A thorough evaluation of disc quality can be made.



  Incoming Inspection / Quality Control
  CD-R Duplication
  Production line screening

  Qualify Media and Burners

Key Benefits :

You can save money and avoid headaches by being able to evaluate disc quality:

  Qualify DVD±R and CD-R Media

The key to duplication success is compatibility between the writer and the media.  You can find out which type of media works best with your writer by using this tool.  This allows you to optimize disc quality and avoid problems.  Media quality varies with each batch.  You can discover bad batches before you've wasted your time and money.

  Measure Performance of Writers

You can identify writers that are failing, or will soon fail, by periodically measuring their results.

  Logical Format Verification 

DVX™ can compare your DVD's or CD's to the original source material on hard disk, DVD/CD-ROM, or DVD/CD-R. It also checks various aspects of data formatting such as: Record mode, volume descriptor, subcode skew, post gap size, and conformance to ISO9660.

  Error Rates and Pit Geometry DVX Photo

Looking at the number and severity of CIRC errors provides a good measure of disc quality.  To confirm that the disc will have a high probability of playing on all readers, we provide an HF output for measuring pit geometry using the AMM-1 accessory or an oscilloscope.  The operator's manual fully explains how to interpret the data, and make measurements related to pit geometry such as I11/Itop, I3/Itop, Modulation (I14/I14H), Resolution (I3/I14), Beta, Asymmetry, and Radial Contrast.  A thorough analysis of disc performance is possible. 


    New QuickScan™ feature will test full DVD in as little as 38 sec, or 80 min. CD in 48 sec.

        Performs high speed bit-for-bit verification on all formats including audio & Enhanced CD

        Can perform bit-for-bit verification without access to original

        Measures average and peak of PI, PIF. PO, POF, BLER, E11, E21, E31, E12, E22, E32

        Measures Focus & Tracking error plus Beta and Jitter

        Easy to operate

        Built in Grading system

        Pass / Fail indicator with user defined limits

        Checks logical formatting - ISO 9660, Post Gap, Subcode Skew

        Displays full disc information - Disc type, Data Format, TOC, ISRC & UPC codes, Volume Descriptor, and Write Mode (DAO / TAO).

        Tests DVD-ROM, DVD±R, DVD±RW, DVD±R DL, CD-ROM, CD-DA, CD-R, CD-RW; All formats

        Runs under Windows 2000/XP/Vista

        Two Calibration discs included

        HF output jack provided for pit geometry measurements

        Free software updates

        Use your existing WindowsŇ PC

        Can be fully automated with optional autoloader

        Optional Analog Measurements


    Maximum Speed: CD - 48X CAV (17-48X); DVD – 16X CAV (6-16X)

    QuickScanÔ provides throughput up to 168X (CD) and 160X (DVD)

    Choice of ATAPI, SATA, or USB* interface

    Choice of Black or Beige front panel

    Power consumption:  22 W

    Disc Types: DVD-ROM, DVD±R/RW, DVD±R DL, CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW, CD-DA, Enhanced CD, CD-XA, VideoCD, CD-I, 

    Dimensions:  5.75” x 1.63” x 7.48”

    Weight:  2.2 lbs.  


* External USB configuration is an extra cost option

--- Specifications are subject to change without notice ---

System Requirements:

    Intel compatible PC, 750 MHz Pentium or better

    WindowsŇ  2000/XP/Vista

    One available 5˝” drive bay (ATAPI or SATA)

    One available USB port

DVX™ is also available as a complete turn-key system with computer, less monitor & printer.


All Clover Systems products are sold with a one-year warranty.


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